New Beginnings

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The end of the school year is approaching and no one is as excited as the seniors to finally be able to graduate and embark on the path towards their futures. High school is a time that most students find stressful. It is also a time that most students have found to discover more about themselves and built relationships with people who are a significant part of their lives. There are many things that can be said about one’s experience in high school but when it all boils down, the seniors will miss this point in time. From this point on, homework does not get any easier. Life doesn’t get any easier. From this point on, graduates must begin acting as adults and making decisions that will heavily impact their lives.The past four years may have felt long but it is only a small fraction of the the time that lies ahead. Graduation is only the beginning of the future. In the meantime, seniors need to be able to have fun and enjoy the last of their high school experience before it all turns into adulthood. Here is a list of the last upcoming events leading up to graduation:

Wednesday, May 23rd – Mother Daughter Tea

___________________- Flood the Field

Friday, May 25th – Pick up graduation tickets

     – Senior Car Show

Monday, June 4th –  End of the year band concert

Tuesday, June 5th – Senior Awards Night

Tuesday- June 12th – Graduation practice

– Senior Brunch

– Graduation

– Grad Night

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