Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises

This week and last week at Prairie High School our ASB hosted sweet surprises for the students. Sweet surprises had cost a dollar to send to whoever you may decide on valentines day.

After interviewing Taylin, a junior in ASB here at PHS, I asked her a couple questions. First I asked her how many students at PHS had bought sweet surprises. Here’s what she had to say: “ We sold roughly 250 sweet surprises across the school, which is more than what I was expecting.”

Sweet surprises are a new event at PHS, this will be the first year ASB has hosted the event and are planning to do them for more years to come.

Secondly, I asked Taylin what were in the sweet surprises, she told me, “There were Squishys, little stuffed animals, and fun party glasses.”

I then went on to interview a freshman ASB representative Raely, and had asked her what was the reason for these sweet surprises? She goes on to say, “We put together sweet surprises to spread love and positivity for students around PHS since it
was the day of love.” Prairie thanks ASB for hosting this.