Prom Night 2022


As the 23rd of April grows closer, students of PHS decide what their plans will be for prom. Who they’ll go with, what they’ll wear, and after party plans? No one yet knows where this event will take place. Some staff mention it may be in portland, while others say it will be in Vancouver WA. The location has not yet been revealed to students. Students of Prairie were asked about their ideas of the upcoming night.

“I’m going to go with a big group of my friends. I’m starting to look forward to it, now that the date is getting closer.” Quoted Thomas Couch.

“I’m going with my boyfriend, and I’ve already gone dress shopping. I bought a sparkly purple dress that’s low on the chest. I think the night will be chill.” Said Marty Xander.

But what about the students that feel unsure about prom? What will be their plans?

“To be completely clear,” Said Holly Cossette., “I’m not too excited for prom. I’m really not too into dresses, I don’t have a lot of money for ‘the perfect prom dress,’ and I don’t exactly see the point. I kinda wish prom wasn’t so formal, it’s not too fun when you don’t have much money. A part of me also fears it will be disappointing or awkward. So maybe I’ll just have my own version of prom with my friends and partner. Maybe a trip to the waterfront after The Olive Garden, or something exciting.”

“I feel as if everyone should go to prom, whether they look forward to it or not. It’s kinda one of those things that you only experience in high school. Even if it sucks, you can always leave and go do something else that’s more fun to your liking.” Commented Sondra Parks.