Prairies Favorite Fast food Restaurants

Prairies Favorite Fast food Restaurants

Fast food is a way of life even if people don’t want to admit it. The first fast food restaurant was White Castle which opened in 1921. Since then, the fast food industry has blown up, with around 204,555 fast food restaurants in the us. With thousands of people eating at fast food restaurants everyday, what is everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant? Here are Prairie’s favorite fast food restaurants.


Inna Kashal, sophomore, says her favorite fast food place is the Subway. “It has Fresh Sandwiches and I like sandwiches,” Kashal states.


Senior Madeline Bigelow’s favorite is Dairy Queen. “They have ice cream and other fast food places are mean to me”. She states


Senior Jake Rose likes Wendy’s. “They have good chicken” he states


Senior Morgan Hill’s favorite fast food place is Chipotle “ It’s delicious, it’s really good”. Hill says


Junior, Ally Jensen, likes Chick-Fil-A  “I only eat at Chick-Fil-A, I don’t eat at any other fast food places”  says Jensen.


Senior, Sarah Neal Says her favorite fast food restaurant is Chipotle


Senior, Jordan Jensen, likes Chick-Fil-A “ I like their milkshakes and it always sounds good” she states


In the end, we have all been to fast food restaurants, maybe even more than we want to admit it. Some restaurants are healthier while others are not, but they do play a big role in our everyday lives.