Balancing School Life and Work Life

Miranda Maulding is a Prairie High School senior student, going to school and working a job at the same time. She is working 8 ½ hours a week and has to commute to her job 15 minutes each day.

Maulling works at KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Her job requires her to prepare the food, pack orders, take orders, train new employees, and work at the drive-up window.

Her favorite job to do at KFC is to prepare the food.

Having a job and school can be hard. You have to keep up with school work but also be able to be successful at your job. “I don’t have much time on the weekends, it’s not bad, I can usually keep up”. Said Maulding

“Fast food is stressful, but it doesn’t affect me, I know I will get it done” Maulding stated. Despite the stress and high pace, Maulding gets the job done with full confidence and commitment.

Maulding only wants to work at KFC till the end of this school year and is thinking about getting a different job when summer comes.

Her favorite part of working at KFC is being able to get, “free food!” Maulding says, “I don’t have to use my work money for food”!

Working at KFC has not necessarily helped her figure out what she wants to do in life but it has helped her narrow down her choices. She has learned that she, “really likes helping people” and she wants to do a job where she can have interaction and “contact with people”.



Hailey Rivers is also a Senior student at Prairie High school and works a job as well.

Rivers works at the Radisson Hotel. She works approximately 35-40 hours a week. Rivers has to commute to her job located by the Portland Airport every week. Her commute takes her about 20 minutes to drive there if the traffic is good.

Her job at the Radisson Hotel is as a front desk agent. She greets customers checking them in and out and dealing with any issues with their hotel stay. Rivers enjoys working at the hotel and has never thought about quitting. She likes her job because it is, “doable work” and she would rate her stress working there is a 7 out of 10.

When asked which is more important to her, working at the Radisson Hotel or going to school? She claims that, “I know school is important but I would choose work if there were no consequences”.

Working at the Radisson Hotel has helped her narrow her career path down. She has learned she wants to do more customer service because she likes the person to person interaction.

Students going to school and working a job can be stressful. Many students doing both may not have enough time to keep up with their school work. Being able to do both is a good skill to have and it could be very helpful for the future.