Second Semester In Full Swing

With second semester underway, the seniors at Prairie High School are one step closer to graduation. This senior class has exciting things in store and many are already looking forward to starting college, so much so that remaining focused throughout the remainder of senior year can be a challenge. As is the case each year, once second semester is in full swing, so is the commonly held “sickness,” senioritis. 

Senior Olivia Witherspoon is an AP student and while she has not decided where she will attend college, she is planning on getting a biomedical engineer degree. Witherspoon claims that she stays motivated to finish out high school on a strong note by “making to-do lists and balancing time between school and friends.” Witherspoon says that finding a balance of time is key, in fact, it’s what, “keeps [her] sane.”

With high school coming to a close, Witherspoon looks forward to “meeting new people.” She is excited to meet people with similar interests as her as she gets further into her degree.

Senior Paige Darley is also looking forward to graduation. She is planning on attending WSU next year where she will major in veterinary medicine. Going into the second semester, Darley is “really excited, especially because the first semester went by really slow.” 

Darley stays motivated by remembering that, “this is my last year and I need to put all my effort into it.” That is the mindset of many at Prairie, trying to finish up high school on a strong note.

Among the senior class at Prairie are also some talented athletes that have committed to perform at the collegiate level. So far, six falcons have officially signed to play at the next level. With this commitment, these seniors are not slacking off with second semester commencing as they must continue to maintain grades and sports performance.

Over half way done with senior year, these falcons are so close to starting this next chapter of their life. But until then, they have to continue to keep the senioritis from getting the best of them.