Prairie’s Homecoming Court Shows New Faces

Prairie’s 2019 Homecoming Court was announced last Thursday, when nominees walked into the Homecoming Assembly. Students voted earlier in the week and selected the nominees of their choice.  There were many new faces in Homecoming Court this year.

During the last hour of school on Thursday, Prairie had a school-wide assembly for homecoming.  Students participated in a series of games against their peers, consisting of a dress up game and musical chairs. With fifteen minutes remaining in the assembly, the Senior Homecoming Court nominees were introduced, and one couple was later announced as the winner during halftime of the Prairie football game against Mountain View. 

“We were very surprised,” said Ben Matson and Haley Reed, “but we are happy that we are on it.”

Matson and Reed were nominated as one of three senior couples. When asked if the pair was nervous for the assembly, they explained that they weren’t “really nervous.”

Another student who was nominated, Kory Terrell, is a junior. He was selected alongside Ella Pace.

“I was a little bit surprised,” stated Terrell. “I wasn’t expecting it, but people were telling me I was.”

Terrell attended the football game and stood on the thirty yard line while the 2019 Senior Homecoming King and Queen were announced. 

“I wanted to support my team,” he said. 

While Terrell was standing on the field, Matson and Reed were selected as the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen. The three senior couples stood on the thirty yard line and were each given a box with something inside. When told to open the boxes, Matson pulled out the winning gold star and held it in the air. 

“I was shocked, surprised, and wasn’t expecting it at all,” said Matson. “I was happy, but I was really focused on playing the game.”

Reed’s plans for homecoming consisted of having dinner at her house before the dance.

“We’re going to have dinner with a group of friends,” stated Reed. “We probably won’t show up till 8.”

Matson and Reed went with three other couples and wanted  to “just have a good time.”

Meanwhile, Terrell’s plans consisted of going with a larger group of people. 

“I’m going with a group of friends,” said Terrell. “I’m also taking my date from Ridgefield.”

The dance started at seven o’clock, and went to ten o’clock at night. The original schedule for the dance was seven-thirty to ten-thirty, but the schedule was changed that day. 

Matson and Reed said, “We will probably be about 45 minutes to an hour late.”

Terrell also had the same plan to show up about an hour late to the dance. Both groups looked forward to having fun with their friends.

This year, new faces in the 2019 Homecoming Court were celebrated, as they walked into the dance with their crowns and sashes. 

Ben Matson and Haley Reed after being crowned as 2019 Homecoming King and Queen
Photo taken by Jason Castro