Prairie and Battle Grounds’ Rivalry Continues

Tensions rose before the football rivalry between Prairie and Battle Ground High School. Students from each school participated in vandalizing each others’ school spirit rock, while protecting their own.  

Late Thursday, the night before the rivalry football game, many Prairie students participated and protected the rock. Using their vehicles as protection, the students surrounded the rock, blocking out any unwanted visitors.  

“We set up camp chairs around the rock and waited”, said Macey Hall.“We parked our cars around the median.” 

Student, Macey Hall, protected the rock after her varsity soccer match with a group of friends. She arrived around 9:15 P.M.m. During the event, she witnessed other students cooking burgers on the back of their trucks, and one who lost his keys, leaving his vehicle stuck on the median. Also, the police showed up to warn the students not to climb on the roof or receive a noise complaint, otherwise they would be forced to leave. 

Dion Garrett is another student from Prairie High School that attended the event until one in the morning. Other students stayed until two or three in the morning. 

“I was invited by some of my senior friends, and I thought it sounded fun”, Dion Garrett says.

“We had water balloons and eggs ready for when the Battle Ground students arrived.” “We just sat around, played football and had a good time while we waited.”

When the students from Battle Ground arrived, Garrett witnessed the Falcons

throwing paint and eggs at the Tigers around the rock. 

“Battle Ground made a lot of people mad by trying to start fights”, Garrett states.

Before arriving at Prairie’s rock, Dion Garrett and a few other students went to Battle Ground’s rock.

 “We spray painted their rock because it is tradition”, Garrett mentions. 

When Prairie students arrived at school the following morning, they witnessed a student’s car stuck on the median. 

“He lost his keys when he placed his jacket on another student’s car, and she drove off with the jacket still placed on her car,” said Macey Hall. “His car was there until second lunch because he did not have a spare key.”

The student ended up staying the night and sleeping in his car until Prairie’s administration woke him up in the morning. The situation blocked off one lane for early morning drop off and slowed down the amount of cars dropping off students. But despite the difficulties, Hall believes that “it was a fun night.”

The annual protection of the spirit rock prior to the Prairie vs. Battle Ground rivalry football game has been a tradition that has transpired for years. 

“It was a very eventful night, but I am glad my friends invited me to go”, Garrett stated.

                                           Spirit Rock
                        Photo Taken By Bridger Paradis