Promposals At Their Finest

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As prom is quickly approaching on June 1st, Prairie students are working hard to perfect their big gestures to ask other Falcons to the dance. Many students are excited to wrap up the school year with the highly anticipated event.

The art of prom proposals is a tradition that encompasses many high schools throughout the nation. Students attempt to think of the most personal and creative gestures to impress the people that they want to ask to the dance. Two friends, Meri Dunford and Robbie Bascom, and one couple, Haley Reed and Ben Matson, decided to get a head start on their proposals. These Falcons helped to kick off the season of promposals at Prairie.

Robbie Bascom decided to ask Meri Dunford to the dance after one of her track practices. Bascom lined up a row of signs saying, “Meri, will you go to prom with me? And he was holding the last sign with flowers.” Dunford had just finished a run that went later than usual, so Bascom was patiently waiting for her to arrive. A baseball game was also going on close to where Robbie set up, and many people watched the whole scene occur. Bascom and Dunford are looking forward to going to the dance together. Meri explains what she is most excited for.

“I am excited to go and be with all my friends, and I think it will be fun to get all dressed up” Dunford states.

The new couple, Ben Matson and Haley Reed, completed their proposal during a hike at Moulton Falls. Matson asked his friends to hike up to the lookout with a poster and flowers to surprise Haley when her and Ben got to the top. The couple has plans to go to dinner and spend time with each other, as well as friends on the night of prom. Matson explains that he is “most excited to hang out with Haley and make great memories.”

Promposals are an unspoken competition at Prairie. Every student that plans to take another to the dance wants to create the best proposal. Prom is coming up on June 1st, and Falcons are ready to ask their dates in the most extravagant ways.

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