Will There Be Snow This Winter?

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As the winter season is upon us, the air has cooled and covered cars in a layers of ice. These factors usually lead to the winter event of snow, but still the question looms; will it happen this year?

Quentin Roemer, a junior at Prairie High School taking multiple AP classes, gave his insight on the question. Roemer does think it will snow, predicting, “At most, five or six inches.” Roemer wants snow as he claims, “Working out in the snow is the best.”

Robert Schultz, a physics and chemistry teacher at Prairie High School, also thinks it will snow. Schultz’s reasoning is that, “Most years there is some snow at higher elevations.” Schultz  wants it to snow too, because he, “Loves the snow and the way it makes the yard look with no wind.”

The census of these Falcons is it will snow, but what do the professionals say? According to the AccuWeather website, Vancouver, Washington is expected to have mixed rain and snow in early January of 2019, but that is about it. Still, there is a chance the reporters could be wrong, and may will be hoping on their inaccuracy.

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