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Thank You Teachers!

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Just like all schools there are subject classes students must take in order to graduate, however at Prairie High School it is not that simple. At PHS there are incredible teachers that help make Prairie the school it is and that help inspire its students to do amazing things. Seniors from Prairie have had four years to come to realize this.

Everyone has been touched, influenced, and inspired by teachers at Prairie, but none like the seniors. Taylor Beaupre, Callista Sofianos, Serenna Galloway, and Cierra Austin are four of many Falcon seniors who have been impacted by the teachers at this school. The teacher that has impacted Beaupre the most over the years is Kellie Swindell, one of the two ASL teachers, who he had for 2 years. “She is always there for me to talk to about my personal life and she will always give me advice on my plans for the future,” states Beaupre along with his favorite memory with her as being “all of the times that we would go back and forth about organization.”

For Sofianos, the teacher who inspired her the most was Mrs. Zika, the AP Lit and yearbook teacher, and the Speech and Debate coach, who she had for 2 years. “She taught me to try my hardest and I always looked forward to seeing her in class. She got to know her students and that was nice,” explains Sofianos. “My favorite memory with Mrs Zika is when she told me and Jesse Jimenez that she was going to make our dual interpretation place in state and she said we just had to do everything she told us. So we worked with her nonstop to be the best we could be and I think we really made her proud.”

Austin’s choice goes to Claire Verity, the Drama teacher, who she has worked with since 7th grade. “Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today,” Austin states along with, “My favorite memory is maybe when she had her Sunday acting classes and I was having a really bad day and she did this acting game involving me being lifted above everyone’s head and made me feel better and important.”

Lastly, Galloway has been most influenced by Keary Niarkos, the second ASL teacher at PHS, who Galloway had for 2 of her year at high school. “She is caring and so helpful as a teacher. She definitely goes out of her way when it comes to her students and always has put her students first,” Galloway described, and similarly said, “My favorite memory was getting to dance with her at the homecoming assembly this year.”

    Overall, there are so many teachers who have helped shape students into who they are and into who they are becoming. No matter a person’s background, no matter a person’s learning curve, they are always there. There is much thanks from all the students to you teachers!

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Thank You Teachers!